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Methadone detoxification Treatment


For more than three decades, opiate addicts are getting effective treatment though methadone detoxification. Methadone, a synthetic opiate acts as a time-release medicine to stop cravings of potent opiates and heroin. Drug addiction is extremely serious that results in many severe problems in society. It has several adverse health effects that can prolong if addict does not get treatment on time.

Careful Monitoring

Therapists use several techniques to eliminate addiction from the patient. Methadone is one of them which is quite tricky and it needs constant monitoring. It should be used under strict medical supervision as overdose can lead to severe health problems. Taking methadone in an excessive amount can cause methadone addiction, which is highly detrimental like any other drug addiction. It can cause psychological dependence on the opiate, muscle spasms, nausea, lower blood pressure, edema, disorientation and sedation.

Important Facts
Number of methadone addicts is less than those of other drugs such as heroine, but this rate is increasing to an alarming extent. A person requires professional help by enrolling into drug addiction treatment center. The process of detoxification is highly challenging and has to be very specific. Client has to stay under strict supervision of the professional.

Methadone Withdrawal
When treatment is final, it can leave many side effects. In fact, it is not easy to get off methadone. The initial signs of methadone withdrawal are aches, pains, insomnia (sleeplessness) and anxiety. These can become severe with instant withdrawal. On the other hand, in slow and steady withdrawal process, chances of success are high and there is not much pain. In severe withdrawal, client switches over to Suboxone which is titrated until addict is totally opiate-free.

During the whole process, addict gets diazepam, an anti-insomnia medicine that helps in proper sleep in the initial few days of detoxification. Light doses of diazepam also help relieve extreme level of anxiety which occurs by opiate withdrawal. Each client has flexible schedule which is according to his unique symptoms and specific needs.

In the final stage of methadone detoxification process, most clients fear taking last dose because their mind is chemically dependent and they want permanent relief, but with group support, they can get rid of addiction for good.

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The ovitaminpro


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