Linking Drug Abuse to Mental Illness


Prescription drugs, when used as prescribed, can be quite helpful; however, for many years prescription drugs have been abused and with that abuse, mental illness often follows. However, at Morningside Recovery, situated in Newport Beach, CA, they have effective and helpful tools to help those who need and want to recover from various kinds of mental illnesses.

Painkillers, when abused can cause serious harm; especially to a young person. It has been found that long term opioid use is one of the main reasons why the drug becomes abused by some; which later turns into mental illness. At Morningside Recovery, they focus on working through the mental illness and replace the desire for such drugs with a strong will to live. At Morningside Recovery they replace drugs with rock climbing, nature retreats, vocational training and guide their clients toward attending university classes and other educational facilities.

This health center offers drug rehab and mental health facilities to anyone who is seeking help for this problem. With their comprehensive therapy sessions and various social activities, they can take a person who feels out of control and turn them into people who want to live a healthier and better life.

At Morningside Recovery, they offer an environment that is safe, secure and a place where a person feels comfortable and where they can develop a positive attitude for the future that awaits them. In addition, at this recovery center, you will find licensed therapists, dieticians, psychologists and other mental health professionals who can help you or your loved one regain better physical and mental health.

The main goal at Morningside Recovery is to give their clients an opportunity to create a better life for themselves, once they leave the recovery center. They believe that with education, he or she can work toward goals they never thought possible. It is also important to note that at Morningside Recovery, there is hope for those who have become dependent on drugs and who have slipped into a mental illness. Often when a person becomes mentally ill, he or she doesn’t see a way out but there are methods that can be taken to help bring a person back to good mental health. Such a place is Morningside Recovery.

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