The Exclusive LIVE LOVE SPA Event


Gain a customer’s perspective of a day at the spa with an industry event like those that presents. As a busy spa owner or manager, it is easy to get into a mild rut when running your business, especially if things are running smoothly. Of course, things can always go better, so it is important to periodically step out of your comfort zone and become the client.

Companies like Live Love Spa help to turn the tables and treat you to a day of relaxation and comfort. Remind yourself of the feelings that your customers feel each time they visit your spa. Also, you might find some bold new approaches at a day-long seminar that is pleasantly disguised as a genuine spa treatment.

Learn about new types of treatments and ways to approach standard treatments such as massages, facials and wraps. Immerse yourself in comfort while taking note of the professionalism of the staff and how you might find ways to encourage your own treatment providers to incorporate and implement some of these techniques and ideas.

Part of running such a life-affirming and joy-providing service is to remember what it is like to need such a treatment session and truly revel in it. Your goal at your own spa is to give your clients unparalleled service that keeps them returning to your spa as a meditative mecca in the chaotic modern world.

Prepare to slip into a warm and fuzzy robe and slippers and let your own cares evaporate.

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